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Launch best-in-class credit solutions for your customers in days

Software tailored to the borrowing needs of your customers and fully compliant on day one

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End-to-end credit solutions for different types of business needs

Retail Financing

Offer tailored financing solutions to your customers at checkout


Consumer Lending

Set up and run your own consumer credit business

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Customer Engagement

Attract, engage, and support your customers with a smart chatbot

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Don’t need an end-to-end solution? We also offer modules for specific lending or financing activities

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Customer Authentication

Verify the identity of potential customers, conduct anti-money laundering checks, assess political exposure and flag document manipulation

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Fraud Prevention

Conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, and utilize ready-made algorithms to assess and prevent fraud

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Credit Decisioning

Conduct soft searches (no marks on credit file), risk based underwriting and thorough affordability checks. Tailor the credit decisions you make to your risk appetite

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Customer Service

Deliver fully compliant 24/7 customer service. Use ready-made or custom-created flows to address the full spectrum of customer queries in the lending space

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Company News

Stay informed about latest news, product announcements and more

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Gain Credit launches Synapi

Gain Credit, a leading online provider of consumer loans in the UK, has announced the...

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