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Why work for Synapi?

Synapi has a simple employment philosophy - we look out for you and your best interests. We know that we get the best results when we invest in our people, so we concentrate on developing your skills, building your experience, and rewarding you for your effort!


Financial Rewards

We offer all of our employees competitive pay, attractive benefits and success bonuses.

Inspiring Work

We believe that people work better and are more inspired in an environment that encourages growth, with plenty of chances for additional training, skill development, and promotion.


Collaborative Culture

We make sure that everyone is heard by encouraging inclusive and collaborative teams. Regular conferences, meetings, feedback surveys, and employee awards and more.

Promoting Wellness

We believe that healthy employees are happy employees. We offer flexible working, generous holiday entitlements, counselling services and more.


Continuous Development

We want to empower you to develop your skills and boost your career. We offer additional training, on-the-job coaching and mentoring, plus access to exclusive workshops and conferences.

Work with us

Get in touch with our careers team. Email us at


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