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Make the right credit decisions

Assess creditworthiness and affordability of prospective  borrowers with software that's been tried and tested on more than 1 million customers for nearly a decade and a half

Credit decisioning software to assess creditworthiness
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What's included in our credit decisioning product


Synapi Detect

Use our plug-in to quickly and easily perform Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and digital identity verification, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML), political exposure, and date of birth checks.

Synapi SoftSearch

Run a search leaving no imprint on the customer's credit history. Use our plug-in to offer the prospective borrower a short-form application to assess whether her or she can get approved. Give the applicant a probability of approval within minutes.


Synapi CreditCheck

Assess creditworthiness of your customers using our configurable credit check module. Source data from public or private sources and the customer application to create your own scoring criteria based on your risk appetite. 

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Synapi Afford

Determine whether your customers can afford to repay you. Use national or regional demographics, credit reference agency information and customer bank data to ensure you are lending responsibly.

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